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Who are the craftsmen without labels?


Once upon a time… there was no marketing. Just imagine the pure world of…

People who showed up and did the right thing without loud speaking. Their only marketing was showing up with crafts.
Despite his work in a national bank, as an electrician, my grandfather pursued much of his life in craftsmanship. That’s just what he did – for well-being. He’d go to a job in the early morning while my grandmother stayed to do her part – a homework with upbringing and the kitchen. When the big needle hit the 2 p.m. Grandfather was already at home, with his beloved, a ton of heavy tools bag.

Right after his coming, the launch meal was on a family square and everyone gathers. Nanny thought on every single thing such as napkins. Lovely amiable synchronization of a household o’clock. And little crafts without a label in every detail, unspoken.
In those times, taking a short nap was a usual ode to the quieting selves. The difference is, we didn’t, at that time, consider silence as a special treat. A quiet, 30-45min time for everyone to reflect. I was as tall as the table itself. But I remember, soaking up the atmosphere around.


Then comes the best part of the day. It’s an afternoon’s peak and tools are waiting! My grandfather walks in his tiny workshop treasure. A 5-6 square m room for only one person to sit and work. And, of course, me, who could come in easily. Crowded with tools, screwdrivers of all sizes and shapes, machines, scrapers, whatever comes to your head. A working mess, crafter’s genuine language.

He was buying the tools from all over the world, wherever he traveled. He also had a collection of country badges. It was a place to dive in and never quit exploring. The imagination worked on ease. I remember the long hours in my grandfather’s workshop, looking at how he managed small things between his fingers. Very precise and deft, almost like a perfectionist. When you thought your clock is not working or the flatiron is dead. Think again! It’s likely that grandpa has a solution. Damnful persistent until he solves the problem. He is a true craftsman.

“Just like every tool, the impact comes from the craftsmen, not the tool.” – Seth Godin


This is a little peek into my childhood. The reminiscence of who are the craftsmen without labels. Whenever I feel concerned about my work, I know where to seek. Ingrained memories, in my senses, will help the designing for clients.

Nowadays, a public figure, Marie Forleo spoked about it in her book “Everything is figureoutable”. This reminds me of the hard skills of the role figures I’ve learned. Everything is figureoutable, if you let yourself to freely experiment and less think of marketing. Marketing will work for you when you first show up your virtue.

It’s not nostalgia. It’s the inner voice that calls for work with love, persistence, and detail. Craftsman without labels is the ultimate aim.

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