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Which language your being is speaking?

If you have visited my illustration’s playground, you might wonder how do they come out. The same question I have for you. How do you express yourself in this world? Is it an art form or the other, language of your being.

This is the story about how art, often comes from me. The story to inspire you to spot the hidden figures of your personality too. To recognize which language your soul speaks and, do you, actually acknowledge that.


I live by imagination. And most of the muses I draw, come from vivid fields. How I’ve created muses isn’t only the line on screen or paper. It’s a long journey of self-discovery, inner talks, and emotional growth.

From time to time we escape our-selves and come back again. This occurs mostly when we feel stuck by the tough circumstances of life. These events happen to all, but we are the only ones who can choose how to respond to them. The real force lays at our body-mind-soul. We own the power to battle them all.

Rather than being a victim of circumstances, we can always opt to be the best versions of ourselves. When I say „the best“ I mean the bravest. Every problem is a life task. It came with the mission, dressed as a challenge. In challenging times we have the opportunity to grow by learning from experience. To come out stronger, stable, and, self-aware. Thus, we are ready for each next to implement those learnings, with clearer thoughts and sharpened wisdom. It’s a personal quest.


And while we may take some time for the “moments of sorrow”, soothing our wounds and reflecting deep inside. We don’t want to make those moments spread too long. We want to come out of them. We achieve this by showing off our personality, facing fears, and talking to our beings. One on one. Being alert is the forward step. So as the taking responsibility for everything we’ve gotten. Because everything we have today is the consequence of our past (un)conscious acts. May we reveal this to our self, we become free, open for new opportunities, and start doing what we’re meant.

„Most writing is done between the mind and the hand, not between the hand and the page.” ―Janet Burroway

These muses speak the language of my being. The narration is about the inner happening of my soul. They come out for the brighter skies. By looking at everyday challenges like gifts, we have more chances to earn knowledge and fill the luggage with brilliance.

What language is your soul speaking? Listen.

Shhhhhh. Be quiet.


„How do you feel about yourself, when you’re with yourself?“ Listen. Come out. Express in any language you find pleasant. I promise you’ll reach the surprising outcomes from within. When you’re naked with yourself, from that place… life becomes easier.

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