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Welcoming a new place with the beginner’s mindset

A beginner’s mindset is the biggest asset when coming into a new place. Curious, interested, and open to the unfolding experience. If we bravely approach life in this way, we may, on every corner, learn and grow into a nimble being. But stepping into a new place creates a delicacy intrigue, an excitement, and a drop of watery palms. I’ve got energized only thinking of it.

If your life is currently uninteresting. Or you’re in a fear of something new you’re expecting… Think of it as an opportunity to meet your new self through the interaction of other places and/or human species. It’s a game you’re about to enter and figure out all the tricks along the journey. Take your beginner’s mindset and jump in full of enthusiasm.

If you remember being a child, you know what I mean!

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