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Welcome to the lab of creative thought

“Scientists and artists are the world’s noticers. Their job is simply to notice what other people cannot.” — Frank Oppenheimer

Hello. You’ve stepped in my journal. It stands for the lab of creative thought. But it doesn’t rank quite well in the SEO. So I named it a Journal. And this is the very first story in it. Weren’t you told it’s not nice to peek in some else journaling? OK, I know, I do the same. Curiosity is in the game.

Let’s move on from the first line. Are the letter pixels fine for your eyes? As a designer, I care about these things. And, as a caring host, I want you to feel homey. The design makes things not only beautiful and functional but comfy. Familiar with the FEELing? Nowadays it’s called user experience. These and other terms you’ll meet on my journal pages. Plus lots more words to lift up your mood.

I love playing with words. It’s poetic and brings spontaneity. The digital world washed away the charm of immediacy. SEO words are infecting, all the web addresses. Why just not enjoying the beauty of play? Innocent and, careless game. And the tangible aesthetics yes, do matter.

I am a word weirdo. I love exploring the new matchings to beautify ordinary things. If you are still here, it adds to the collective good. Don’t you know? With the words we mindfully choose, we create our divine cosmoses. Internal and External. You can contribute too.

Time is ticking away and I hurry to give my way. We could talk forever but it’s time to show up. To give. To create a lush, collective good. Before you leave, I have a question!
What can you give to this world today and go with the flow until fulfillment? I’ll tell you mine, on your next stop by.

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Let’s get creative

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