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Way beyond the obvious, on the other side of the spectrum


Far beyond vivid, lives the spirit, in harmony with nature. Spirit that breathes serenity, radiates calmness and exists. With endless patience and, a wide, wide perspective, appreciative. An Idylle. Spirit is (ad)just with what it is. Tied in a wisdom’s cloth, he sees far beyond the average. You can too.


I’ve spoken about gratitude and why you want to practice it. When you take gratitude as the attitude… the universe starts listening and serve you the goods. It’s never a one-way direction. We work in coherence with the vast space around us. Imagine a camera without the actual camera on each step… Would you do something different, if you’re aware? Everything you put in this world, comes back in varied forms, at different times and levels. An omnipresent record(ing) tape.

Being grateful for situations that life serves. And embracing the moments of awe and happiness. From the grounder state, you form gratitude, your 6th sense. And people who practice do reap the benefits. Formula? The more you are grounded, the more grateful you (be)come. Feeling peace. While being OK with what is, you are spirit(ed).

For the formula to work, you’re willing to take the challenges to grow and learn. No delays and skipping the unconformity. Testing and trial is your strengthening. As you bond a pact with a spirited self, you earn the trust of the Universe.

Appreciative, humble… you see(k) value in emerging. Brave enough to take off shoes and walk bare feet. From a state of readiness, your calmness comes with ease. It’s because in every moment you trust the process by trusting yourself. The grounding effect.


Your life’s path is more rapt, now. More convinced in the existential purpose. Deliberate to pursue a life hacks. To be a human, living spirit with the lightness of being.

Any situation you encounter weighs a lesson. The lesson to learn about the life, people, situations, and last, yourself in the context of all that. To stretch yourself wider than the actual body. It’s a spirit, reaching the wisdom on the tiny ends of its fingers. HEY, I want that cloth of wisdom on my shoulders!

By opening up to these immense horizons, you are far away from the trivial, things… You craft principles of life, beyond the obvious. What matters here, on the other side of the spectrum?

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