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The true virtue of gratefulness


Since I am aware of myself, I am an early bird, the owl’s opposite. In the rising sun, I’m already out. Walking my walk through the natural environment. Varied thoughts are popping up. I move smoothly and mark my vision list. One thing remains the same: What am I giving today, out there?

From this, a place of giving, the real value is growing. When we give, we reach the highest levels as breathing beings. And how the universe works, is not how they taught you at school. Neither the Life teacher, when you say “I am angry, nothing comes back to me”. Why don’t you trust the “method of giving”?

“In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.”

From the place of giving, you get what you were “hoping”. And when you are ready for it to happen, well, you’ve already forgotten it. Some call it luck, I believe it is a silent power of our unconscious mind. It works hard to get out. What stops it is… a belief. To continue my story… What did I get, that ordinary day?

When the COVID-19 hit my country, in an early March of 2020. cultural heritage announced the support for independent creatives in my country. To get the funding, applicants needed to create a project. The acquisition demands: working from home, for the 3 months, with a given budget. I said: OK, the universe calls me to show up. I have bevy ideas. Let’s source the immediate once.


After three dots “…” comes the May 26th. Sun entered my 33 birth. The news knocked about the project acceptance! What a great, birthday wish for those 33 years! Start counting, 23, 24…44th day of loading.
Project is what you see here: my home in the web sphere. One that waited for long, to beCome. The place – to be, for kind species, like you and me. Plus, for true lovers of creativity in business.

The creative process is an endless challenging journey. Since early childhood, I surf on its curve. Maintaining the budget scope with personal wishes. Creating from zero to little capital and, employing imagination + design thinking. A creative mind can do so much when the will for meaning is vital.

So, one month of test and trial, work in coherence with a webmaster… It’s never easy to work for yourself. Thanks to my companion’s patience, we developed soulcostume.


I thought it’d be nice to shred the light on gratefulness. And, a place of giving. Because kind appreciation makes life fuller.
Thanks to the Ministry of Montenegrin Culture, for trusting my vision. In life and work, expect only what you’re ready to take! Ownership is the manager of your belief.

If you doubt in some opportunity, first check self-belief. Then apply the self-will and create the thing you’ve wished. Act from the place of giving. And allow yourself to meet the virtue of gratefulness.

“I’m still thanking all the stars, one by one.”

Entering the day with gratefulness cause… You never know what waits behind the doors. Try with:
T H A N K   Y O U   many times.
It’s liberating and entering the universe, with kindness.

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