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Client:Digital Bee academyServices:Package redesign, Print design; Brand strategy

New package design for Digital Bee Tangram


In December 2019. I did a Concept and product design for Digital Bee, Tangram. This year, Jasna, the CEO of Digital Bee Academy decided to upgrade its product with a new package design and to make a version in the English language. This propels DB Tangram outside of the local environment which is in alignment with Jasna’s professional influence. It’s always a pleasure seeing a thoughtful product outgrows the old version and to reach more cultures.


The purpose of the project was to improve user experience, reach an international audience and serve as a national souvenir game. How can we do that? The primary tasks called for redesigning a package of the game, adding a new brand message to it, translating copy into English and, apply to the print collaterals. As Digital Bee grows as a brand, their offer follows.

To be honest, from the beginning, I wanted appropriate materials for this product. But living and working in a small country sometimes doesn’t allow for desirable production. I’m glad that Jasna opened up for redesign. The mission is more complete, ’cause, we don’t rest an improvement.


This time we worked with another print and production firm. We acquired custom sewed cotton bags, with dimensions that match the game and books inside. In a vintage look with a handmade rustic rope of a natural origin. It’s these details that make up a united impression of a package. Reimagining this look in synchronicity with the roots of the game as well as the cheerful identity of a DB Tangram visual identity.
The small square label with product information is printed on a Flora Avorio, high-quality 220g paper in a vintage look.

New package design of children's game Tangram

When we’re done with securing the materials, my task was to create a more attractive design, to call on the action. While Jasna came up with product naming to enhance the feeling. She introduced reaction-induce messaging which directly speaks to Digital Bee’s audience. A win-win setup for inspiring design.

The first design solution was a MONTENEGRO signage. It’s in a jigsaw design made of tangram puzzles, colored with Tangram’s palette and with the main figures. I experimented with vector graphs I already had.
But then we realized this solution speaks more to the tourists than to its primary audience – no-stop curious learners. In the pursue, we still kept the „Montenegro Tangram“.

Design process

The second and winning solution was PLAY LEARN GROW, a new brand messaging. Here, practices and methods used by DB Academy directly informed my approach for typographic design. Lively letters shape the basis of an inviting identity. While color palette remains the same as in the original game, sourced from Montenegrin nature.

I highlighted the playful part of this game with colored typography, accentuating yellow square as a cheerful element to excite from the back. The vector construction of a Tangram serves as a frame basis to keep all the communication elements in a cohesive look.
The book’s design stayed the same, except that the English copy replaced Montenegrin. We’re soon to be introducing upgraded tangram figures from another material, with eco-ethics in mind.

Print design solutions for branding

Print design for package


A more inviting and actionable look – to grab your attention. High-quality fabric to keep the game safe inside. And an English copy to reach an international audience. Tangible, natural elements of a manual game in an Omni digital world make a statement.

To find out more about this game, visit Digital Bee.
Let me know in the comment section what do you think and if it comes to your hands, how do you like it.

By the time of writing, Digital Bee Tangram is presenting in Dubai, on EXPO 2021, among other international presenters. It’s making a significant mark as a Montenegrin product!

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