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A strong brand recognition

Art direction and Brand activation for a leader of its domain, in the region and beyond, Blue Coach.

Client:Blue CoachServices:Brand strategy, Identity system, Art direction, Content strategy, Social media campaign, Voice and Tone, MessagingTimeline:2 months, spring 2020.

Art direction and Brand activation for Blue Coach

Blue Coach is the leading brand of its domain. It improves the performance of teams, working with their leaders. I was commissioned as an external creative consultant, to help BC communicate a unique value proposition they have.

Over the years they found themselves wanting to appeal to a wider audience and to better inform of what they do. They also needed to refresh a connection with an existing audience. Thus, to strengthen the belief and provide a space for a broader dialogue.

So, I partnered with the Blue Coach to evolve the brand, from its strategy, brand architecture, storytelling, visual expression, and, social media campaign. With this, we aimed to create powerful change. A change that will align the entire team around a shared story and evolving the brand to support that story in a cohesive way across all of its sections.

The collaboration took us on a comprehensive journey, since 10 years of BC existence. They are proficient, zealous workers. But, focusing on constant improvement of skills, the team didn’t keep portfolio notes. The BC’s coaching programs have not only led the field of science coaching, but they’ve also transformed it. This deserved greater attention from its existing and future clients. So, here comes the challenge!

This was an obvious call for defining and promoting a strong brand purpose. In favor of creating a voice that will clearly communicate, we had to meet with the BC core values.

In the first phase of brand activation, we reexamined the lush portfolio. We surface some of the company’s deep archives, much of which are the leader’s own personal notes. These sources helped us to develop an authentic language that represents who they are, what they stand for, and where they are going. The team uses this voice to connect with the expectations, wishes, and emotions of their audiences. They share positive perspectives and make the people they spoke to, feel listened to, and understood. To ensure that I set up the Blue Coach for success, we created brand guidelines to help the team feel confident using the new content system.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, a diverse BC team of young professionals actively participated in online sessions. When individuals across the company can unite around a clear style, sense, and standpoint, it resonates with the people they serve. A win-win moment!

Ditto, where leadership is behind the implementation of the voice, that’s when company units.


As an external consultant, I leveraged listening. Listen to harness brand voice to guide the brand strategy. Only from there, we could define a proper visual image.

So, the second phase was a translation of a brand’s voice into visual. BC spirit and culture roots in nature, mindfulness, and honest feedback. They are passionate about improving people’s performance. This is a human-related subject, a natural one. And landscape photography utterly fitted into that.

When we seek for recognition, we go to the origins of humanity. BC colors are talking in a mild and savvy tone of blue, green. Their value proposition mirrors the natural ambiance. And the team always shows up from a calm being, ready to listen and mindfully contribute. With new landscape imagery, Blue coach better displays core values. Creating a recognition, and tangible experience for the audience.




In the final, third phase, we worked on content strategy and communication management. Plus, launched a social media campaign to speak about an accurate topic of leadership in a COVID-19 time. Serie of messaging in visual storytelling, spread through Instagram and Linked In.

The company’s approach to effective leadership and social responsibility helped pioneer good examples. While its campaign brought attention to important social issues. In less than 3 months, BC became more known for its coaching lessons, thought-provoking quotes, and authentic voice.

With a created brand guidelines, we accomplished a cohesive look and feel of BC. The end result is a simplified brand system, streamlined and appealing to the BC’s audience. Engagement on social media channels raised. But, most importantly, the team itself strengthens its acquisition through the content creation process.

After an update on the brand strategy, they encounter a web site redesign. During my writing of the story, BC is on the way to make it happen. Visit them here to see and learn more about this exceptional team!

Thank you.


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