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Creative Thoughts

Personal branding is ever-evolving but there is an unofficial, age demand to enter its integrity character. And that time comes in later intellectual maturity, usually after the age of 25. A reasonable time for experience to build up, for values to form, for building blocks to construct, for your character to be sharp, and for the aura to stand out.

The joy of the early years of exploring design spheres. Being playful as much as you can and don’t think much of the brand dogmatic.
Grow with the opportunities and character lines will emerge in a portrait over time.

One day in a month I’ve scheduled to revisit my Following/Followers list + Connections. It’s a Marie Kondo style of cleaning the network’s clog.
I do this for the last three and a half years. It benefits my daily interaction. The material I’m working with is in the Newsfeed. Providing constructive feedback to peers. Dependent on that, I can(not) meaning/mindfully engage.

Make the best of your virtual environment and the “feed” you’re taking in on a daily basis.
Clean and repeat to reach the benefits.

When the pressure to create innovation is rising… Turn your inspiration’s attention to physical sources like books, nature, humans touch… Opposites of creative industry, and a little inward going? That way, + 50% less online/Insta/Google research would help. A not delusional but strategic and healthier way to overcome the sameness.

Enter: Lessons from Covid. Change is our friendly constant.
There is no such a time as “When all this is over”. We’ve entered a new life plot of living with consequences of human input to this planet. Adapt, reinvent, change – according to challenge. And all that brain muscle and will-building… but not delusional, waiting for the Happy ending.

1. Chose a topic, subject matter like when you’re in an elementary school; do the research, write it “scientifically”, with all references found. And opposite to that…
2. Free-minded writing. Write to release whatever you feel in the moment. It doesn’t have to have sense in that sentence as long as you are liberating your hand to express the inner.
These two, out of many others, will provide you with solid practice and later on – the results you wanted.

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