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If you have visited my illustration’s playground, you might wonder how do they come out. The same question I have for you. How do you express yourself in this world? Is it an art form or the other, language of your being.

This is the story about how art, often comes from me. The story to inspire you to spot the hidden figures of your personality too. To recognize which language your soul speaks and, do you, actually acknowledge that.


I live by imagination. And most of the muses I draw, come from vivid fields. How I’ve created muses isn’t only the line on screen or paper. It’s a long journey of self-discovery, inner talks, and emotional growth.

From time to time we escape our-selves and come back again. This occurs mostly when we feel stuck by the tough circumstances of life. These events happen to all, but we are the only ones who can choose how to respond to them. The real force lays at our body-mind-soul. We own the power to battle them all.

Rather than being a victim of circumstances, we can always opt to be the best versions of ourselves. When I say „the best“ I mean the bravest. Every problem is a life task. It came with the mission, dressed as a challenge. In challenging times we have the opportunity to grow by learning from experience. To come out stronger, stable, and, self-aware. Thus, we are ready for each next to implement those learnings, with clearer thoughts and sharpened wisdom. It’s a personal quest.


And while we may take some time for the “moments of sorrow”, soothing our wounds and reflecting deep inside. We don’t want to make those moments spread too long. We want to come out of them. We achieve this by showing off our personality, facing fears, and talking to our beings. One on one. Being alert is the forward step. So as the taking responsibility for everything we’ve gotten. Because everything we have today is the consequence of our past (un)conscious acts. May we reveal this to our self, we become free, open for new opportunities, and start doing what we’re meant.

„Most writing is done between the mind and the hand, not between the hand and the page.” ―Janet Burroway

These muses speak the language of my being. The narration is about the inner happening of my soul. They come out for the brighter skies. By looking at everyday challenges like gifts, we have more chances to earn knowledge and fill the luggage with brilliance.

What language is your soul speaking? Listen.

Shhhhhh. Be quiet.


„How do you feel about yourself, when you’re with yourself?“ Listen. Come out. Express in any language you find pleasant. I promise you’ll reach the surprising outcomes from within. When you’re naked with yourself, from that place… life becomes easier.

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MonDAY or SUNday, I wake up early each day. Running to catch up with SUN and vitamin D. afore the new 24h journey. I do this, for years and, it got me to the place of a good habitual balance. Morning rises with nature around. I used to wake up at 6 o’clock since I was 5 years old, to watch the cartoons on the Italian tv Rai.


At an early age, we form habits. Most of them fell apart, some transform through growing, and some stay with us. I pursued being an early bird even after 30 years. But I’ve also formed X habits in my later life. All these habits design our identities. ‘Cause, we are what we do, on repeat.

I was always being recognized as highly disciplined. The one who shows up no matter the circumstances. People are asking: how do you do it? Well, designing the habits and the ratio among them is the shortest answer… and,

Aside from the essence that I CARE ENOUGH for the particular “X”, there are other ingredients as well.

Habits take time and practice. Every habit becomes that by being repeated X times until innate. Moreover, science says that for a habit to become familiar to your being, it needs repetition by 66 consequent days.  That’s a journey itself! But why does it matter to address the habits and moreover, to design them in a structural system?

Well, as they weight much of our identities, their existence is momentous. They represent what we do daily even when we don’t notice. It’s a (repetitive) system of our actions. And we want to make sure that the habits we have, actually work for ourselves in the best possible way.


So, how I remain organized plus finding time for, myself? If I don’t nurture my identity, how could I serve others, you? Start from the identity and what it consists of. Are your (daily) actions aligned with your values and goals? How you put them in a desirable system of function?

Meet the: Design thinking, a creative approach to problem-solving.


Every day You rise up and hone into a routine without much intent. You run the circle of ordinary, without any questions, and then you hit the afternoon couch. Where are the hours? Where has left the thrill for, will? And will for, meaning?

You and I have the same 24h. We differ how we use them. You might think it’s about time management. In fact, it’s a designed system. A system in which you’re the designer of your choices. The system in which principles align with your values. Maybe you don’t draw but, certainly, you can design your life.

Run a survey of your identity, spot what seeks improvement, and all the tools you need for it. Those are the getaway to help your system of doing. Design ties those steps in a pleasing and effective way.

Then comes the improvement part 1) address your habits 2) write down wishful changes 3) introduce new practices 4) create a system that works, and lastly 5) repeat the process.


So, you want a plan. One, finely organized, to fit your needs. That’s where design thinking empowers this action. By employing design thinking with organizational skills, you’ll secure the accomplishment of your plan.

In the structural environment, design serves you. Design is often associated with visuals but, it’s more than that. It’s an integral part of many, not so obvious parts. Design is creative in nature. Further, creativity is not ideas that sit alone. They are rather collective of ideas that we integrate. And this actual practice is an act of designing itself. So yes, you can DO IT too!

With a designed system, you feel on track, more actionable, and productive. Plus, the plan complements your daily tasks. As a result, everything you do has a seamless flow. This is nothing like rigid regimes or managerial doing! Personalized system design is joyous. With the neat plan that speaks to your needs and eases every attainment. At last, design thinking unleashes creativity in people, enforces them to step into the unknown, approach things with the novice lenses, strengthen their commitment, and radically improve current and each new process.

Design thinking helped me to take pace with everything I do, in a varied creative world. I love making experiences gladsome. Thro these lenses, life is awesome. Have you ever designed something? Now is the time. If you feel out of schedule or lacking the thrill for… will? Design can help. It’s a loyal friend, my right hand. Let me guide you.

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Once upon a time… there was no marketing. Just imagine the pure world of…

People who showed up and did the right thing without loud speaking. Their only marketing was showing up with crafts.
Despite his work in a national bank, as an electrician, my grandfather pursued much of his life in craftsmanship. That’s just what he did – for well-being. He’d go to a job in the early morning while my grandmother stayed to do her part – a homework with upbringing and the kitchen. When the big needle hit the 2 p.m. Grandfather was already at home, with his beloved, a ton of heavy tools bag.

Right after his coming, the launch meal was on a family square and everyone gathers. Nanny thought on every single thing such as napkins. Lovely amiable synchronization of a household o’clock. And little crafts without a label in every detail, unspoken.
In those times, taking a short nap was a usual ode to the quieting selves. The difference is, we didn’t, at that time, consider silence as a special treat. A quiet, 30-45min time for everyone to reflect. I was as tall as the table itself. But I remember, soaking up the atmosphere around.


Then comes the best part of the day. It’s an afternoon’s peak and tools are waiting! My grandfather walks in his tiny workshop treasure. A 5-6 square m room for only one person to sit and work. And, of course, me, who could come in easily. Crowded with tools, screwdrivers of all sizes and shapes, machines, scrapers, whatever comes to your head. A working mess, crafter’s genuine language.

He was buying the tools from all over the world, wherever he traveled. He also had a collection of country badges. It was a place to dive in and never quit exploring. The imagination worked on ease. I remember the long hours in my grandfather’s workshop, looking at how he managed small things between his fingers. Very precise and deft, almost like a perfectionist. When you thought your clock is not working or the flatiron is dead. Think again! It’s likely that grandpa has a solution. Damnful persistent until he solves the problem. He is a true craftsman.

“Just like every tool, the impact comes from the craftsmen, not the tool.” – Seth Godin


This is a little peek into my childhood. The reminiscence of who are the craftsmen without labels. Whenever I feel concerned about my work, I know where to seek. Ingrained memories, in my senses, will help the designing for clients.

Nowadays, a public figure, Marie Forleo spoked about it in her book “Everything is figureoutable”. This reminds me of the hard skills of the role figures I’ve learned. Everything is figureoutable, if you let yourself to freely experiment and less think of marketing. Marketing will work for you when you first show up your virtue.

It’s not nostalgia. It’s the inner voice that calls for work with love, persistence, and detail. Craftsman without labels is the ultimate aim.

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Since I am aware of myself, I am an early bird, the owl’s opposite. In the rising sun, I’m already out. Walking my walk through the natural environment. Varied thoughts are popping up. I move smoothly and mark my vision list. One thing remains the same: What am I giving today, out there?

From this, a place of giving, the real value is growing. When we give, we reach the highest levels as breathing beings. And how the universe works, is not how they taught you at school. Neither the Life teacher, when you say “I am angry, nothing comes back to me”. Why don’t you trust the “method of giving”?

“In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.”

From the place of giving, you get what you were “hoping”. And when you are ready for it to happen, well, you’ve already forgotten it. Some call it luck, I believe it is a silent power of our unconscious mind. It works hard to get out. What stops it is… a belief. To continue my story… What did I get, that ordinary day?

When the COVID-19 hit my country, in an early March of 2020. cultural heritage announced the support for independent creatives in my country. To get the funding, applicants needed to create a project. The acquisition demands: working from home, for the 3 months, with a given budget. I said: OK, the universe calls me to show up. I have bevy ideas. Let’s source the immediate once.


After three dots “…” comes the May 26th. Sun entered my 33 birth. The news knocked about the project acceptance! What a great, birthday wish for those 33 years! Start counting, 23, 24…44th day of loading.
Project is what you see here: my home in the web sphere. One that waited for long, to beCome. The place – to be, for kind species, like you and me. Plus, for true lovers of creativity in business.

The creative process is an endless challenging journey. Since early childhood, I surf on its curve. Maintaining the budget scope with personal wishes. Creating from zero to little capital and, employing imagination + design thinking. A creative mind can do so much when the will for meaning is vital.

So, one month of test and trial, work in coherence with a webmaster… It’s never easy to work for yourself. Thanks to my companion’s patience, we developed soulcostume.


I thought it’d be nice to shred the light on gratefulness. And, a place of giving. Because kind appreciation makes life fuller.
Thanks to the Ministry of Montenegrin Culture, for trusting my vision. In life and work, expect only what you’re ready to take! Ownership is the manager of your belief.

If you doubt in some opportunity, first check self-belief. Then apply the self-will and create the thing you’ve wished. Act from the place of giving. And allow yourself to meet the virtue of gratefulness.

“I’m still thanking all the stars, one by one.”

Entering the day with gratefulness cause… You never know what waits behind the doors. Try with:
T H A N K   Y O U   many times.
It’s liberating and entering the universe, with kindness.

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“Scientists and artists are the world’s noticers. Their job is simply to notice what other people cannot.” — Frank Oppenheimer

Hello. You’ve stepped in my journal. It stands for the lab of creative thought. But it doesn’t rank quite well in the SEO. So I named it a Journal. And this is the very first story in it. Weren’t you told it’s not nice to peek in some else journaling? OK, I know, I do the same. Curiosity is in the game.

Let’s move on from the first line. Are the letter pixels fine for your eyes? As a designer, I care about these things. And, as a caring host, I want you to feel homey. The design makes things not only beautiful and functional but comfy. Familiar with the FEELing? Nowadays it’s called user experience. These and other terms you’ll meet on my journal pages. Plus lots more words to lift up your mood.

I love playing with words. It’s poetic and brings spontaneity. The digital world washed away the charm of immediacy. SEO words are infecting, all the web addresses. Why just not enjoying the beauty of play? Innocent and, careless game. And the tangible aesthetics yes, do matter.

I am a word weirdo. I love exploring the new matchings to beautify ordinary things. If you are still here, it adds to the collective good. Don’t you know? With the words we mindfully choose, we create our divine cosmoses. Internal and External. You can contribute too.

Time is ticking away and I hurry to give my way. We could talk forever but it’s time to show up. To give. To create a lush, collective good. Before you leave, I have a question!
What can you give to this world today and go with the flow until fulfillment? I’ll tell you mine, on your next stop by.

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