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Creative Thoughts

The other day I heard about the online tool that helps you save time with less writing while (net)working. And I thought…
Automated being. Tools like this save us time, immensely. The pitfall most of them is “digital dementia”. The more we rely on externals, the less we use mind power, mind muscles. Even at the cost of time, we shorten our attention span. Our ability to self-regulate weakens.

The growth hormone of technology is in the adolescent years. I’ve been observing human behavior since 2012. Fascinating technology shapes the world of the future. But I also notice a darker side of this. It’s a lack of a cognitive focus, mindfulness in decline, and more.

We’ll all adapt. I know. The visceral self is what will make us unique.
Preserve it.

When we serve people with our skills and knowledge, the act of appreciation wears the money cloth. Money is in constant travel, just like the energy, from me to you and forward.

When we appreciate and are grateful, money is always nearly present. And the most attention is on how do we serve better than the previous? That secures us for a greater appreciative act. In an environment of gratitude, our plenty flourishes.
Money is not evil nor angel. It’s the material thing for, what we humans call – an exchange of goods


Lead with compassion while utilizing strategic direction. A balance between two sides in our mind will set us for proper action, from the inside out.

Tie all people together around the shared values and objectives of the company/brand. It’s the mutual values and missions – clearly understood and appreciated among, that will overpower any miscommunication or lack of understanding.

To make a compassionate work atmosphere, a leader has to listen first. But not just any, it’s the intentional listening that sets the compassionate stage. Humanistic leadership, on purpose.

To understand others, self-awareness is the premise. From intrApersonal – communication with yourself to intErpersonal – communication with others.

Some of the mindest people I know don’t consider themselves special at all. They are the ordinary, unnoticed souls walkin’ around the globe. They walk through life fulfilling. Go about their day lifting people up and spreading grace in their own – multisensory ways. They add to the overall Universe cup, a Metaverse. They feed desperate minds, sprinkle magic where dust lands, embrace when sorrow kicks in, they’re cheering in the darkest moment… unnoticed, rarely labeled, without awarding or crown on the head. These are the most precious, silent walkers of a lifetime, anonymous cordials, in a near surrounding.

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