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Don’t call days by names.

In just each life circumstance, we always have a chance. Flexible mindset following the guide-set. The stories you tell yourself will show in your acts. And in the Covid time-set, who still call days by “normal” name!? Come’ on, we won’t back to normal! We are here and now, to create a new one. So forget about day naming and practice novice creating.

From time-set to, mind-set.

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Why visuals are the silent advocates of the brand?

Well, it’s always visuals first, with me – visual reader, the nerd. Visuals provide us with unspoken information. They convey a message we’re bringing to the world. How we show up, in which dark or light?

Visuals are especially important today when all things digital. We should perceive the aura through screens and videos.

If I don’t FEEL, at the first step, the spirit of the brand, I won’t read anything from the content. Visuals call me closer to the brand being, or not. They are silent advocates for the mission that the brand is about to execute.

The way visuals of your brand identity radiate will show in customer’s reactions. Let the visual identity communicate your purpose, and call on the action.

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Do you have something you have never shared with the world but you secretly wanted to?

Is your “something” worth someone’s attention to it?

Oh, I understand. You haven’t grasped its existence even.

Well, for many years I used to store arts and inspiring images to virtual achieve. My buddy computer turned into a burden. Then I switched to writing my thoughts and poems, drawing the illustrations. But I did nothing to bring them where they belong. They are not for me, only. They should live with other beings. Work for tasting, commenting, igniting someone else’s passion.

Our work exists only when it’s consumed by others. Otherwise, in the rooms or on the shelves … they don’t live their purpose. So, if you are a creator, no matter what kind … Share your inner works with the people in the surrounding. You can only enrich your work and self by giving it to the world where it is meant.

In long dialogues with my nearest beings, I often reveal their hidden ardors. When someone seems highly structural and business-oriented … through our conversation we come to the point of their affections. And what is more surprising, they are marvelous! Once you scratch the surface of their public cloth, treasures behave naturally. Those A-ha moments when I recognize authenticity is a huge enjoyment! Adding value where it’s called to live is a fulfilling act.

If you want a sprinkle of this goodness, try sharing your inner space with others. They can only widen your doing. In feedback, we learn.

What keeps me accountable for doing good and adding value, day by day … Are gentle beings all around the Earth space. Beings who value, share, and practice true kindness. In this sharing, we’re one, kind of collective. We prevail over the black side of the spectrum.

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New day, the alarm is screaming. Your dreams disappear once you hit the morning. You put on your grown-up pants and rollin’ the day. The dreaming days are for those who are childish and, nested.
Ordinary days and machinery patterns. That’s the best bet you can accomplish. No behavioral questions, just mark the box in the calendar!

Have you found it hard to enjoy one and only life? It is possible that narrow focus has limited the mind. By being open to change, you are able to draw a starry sky. Don’t you believe, you can actually be an enchanter of your destiny!

A simple act on paper to access the field of ease. It is sitting next to you, but you aren’t noticing. Oh, don’t you remember the biggest of all, Doodling!?
Usually seen as the nonsense of being. But the doodling makes ease with what is.
Now when you are considering this form of practice, let me introduce you to your new friends!
They are Pen and Paper. Buddies to remember. And throw up the screen that makes your fingers addictively keen.
It is time to express your being by Doodling The Thinking.

When your thoughts drop down on paper, they are freer to happen. Even science says our cognitive memory gets hooked better.

As ideas come along, you are grabbing friends from above. You are putting everything onto the paper’s trust. A PenHeArt – the Art of heart. This simple act makes you ease in the facing process of being with yourself. Reflection is never easy but it is liberating.

Once you adopt this regular practice, you break the barriers, and it just… flows! Journal and you, oh my Goodness! Doodling is making you a mastery of enchantment. The pen is now in a brisk walk mode… running the pages wild, showing you’re alive.

Remember the time when you were a child? Or that phone call when you doodle the random things along? Freeing your mind… Spontaneous doodling is a liberating habit to own. Repeat this practice a few times a week. 15ish minutes day by day, and enchanter of life you will become.

Starry skies are not so far now when you feel balanced and calm. If you came for a prize, there is none. Only your natural enchantment via life.

This is how simple doodling on paper makes you an enchanter. Now grab your friends and free yourself.


p.s. If you want to analyze what’s being under the ice of mind… letter me your doodlings to decipher the meaning. People say it is the best part of my coaching.


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Far beyond vivid, lives the spirit, in harmony with nature. Spirit that breathes serenity, radiates calmness and exists. With endless patience and, a wide, wide perspective, appreciative. An Idylle. Spirit is (ad)just with what it is. Tied in a wisdom’s cloth, he sees far beyond the average. You can too.


I’ve spoken about gratitude and why you want to practice it. When you take gratitude as the attitude… the universe starts listening and serve you the goods. It’s never a one-way direction. We work in coherence with the vast space around us. Imagine a camera without the actual camera on each step… Would you do something different, if you’re aware? Everything you put in this world, comes back in varied forms, at different times and levels. An omnipresent record(ing) tape.

Being grateful for situations that life serves. And embracing the moments of awe and happiness. From the grounder state, you form gratitude, your 6th sense. And people who practice do reap the benefits. Formula? The more you are grounded, the more grateful you (be)come. Feeling peace. While being OK with what is, you are spirit(ed).

For the formula to work, you’re willing to take the challenges to grow and learn. No delays and skipping the unconformity. Testing and trial is your strengthening. As you bond a pact with a spirited self, you earn the trust of the Universe.

Appreciative, humble… you see(k) value in emerging. Brave enough to take off shoes and walk bare feet. From a state of readiness, your calmness comes with ease. It’s because in every moment you trust the process by trusting yourself. The grounding effect.


Your life’s path is more rapt, now. More convinced in the existential purpose. Deliberate to pursue a life hacks. To be a human, living spirit with the lightness of being.

Any situation you encounter weighs a lesson. The lesson to learn about the life, people, situations, and last, yourself in the context of all that. To stretch yourself wider than the actual body. It’s a spirit, reaching the wisdom on the tiny ends of its fingers. HEY, I want that cloth of wisdom on my shoulders!

By opening up to these immense horizons, you are far away from the trivial, things… You craft principles of life, beyond the obvious. What matters here, on the other side of the spectrum?

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