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Creative Thoughts

With one foot in art and another in science… I’m juggling between opposite fields. Although they often work towards the same (goal) but express themselves in a different language.

Modern art experiments with nova technology. And what often comes in these works of art is artificial light. Artists play with it. So we have performances, gigantic sculptures, LED displays, exte/interior installations, etc. People are fascinated with artificial light and artists with its impact. Thus experience is, indeed wondrous.

As a specie made of many microorganisms, responsible designer and, artistic biohacker… From that stance, I’m in a bit of scary awe knowing what I know from a natural light scientific lens.
And even further, from a health-science lens, I’m, without a question, for a natural light exploration within the art creation. If humanity knows enough about the detrimental impact of artificial light on our beings, we’d take it to the bare minimum. Daylight is healing to the human psyche and temple. This being said…

I’d love to see more natural, light-related works of art. It’s more challenging to create with it than with an artificial. But the byproduct of an investment leads to long-term healthful beauty.

Why is the aesthetic of all future imaginations in a dark mode? It became almost a default in art and design forms. If we are coming from a place of gratitude, the inner is divine and beautiful. We’re fulfilled. Not in denial of bad things happening, rather optimistic visionaries. The creators of opulent, with a gratitude effect. And then the future shows in a bright mode.

But if the majority of people are coming from a place of fear, instead of love, we’ll see more marvelous art pieces, like this, in a dark aesthetics. What fills this artist’s inner? Maybe he is actually a very cheerful being.

There is no right or wrong. The opposing modes preserve the existence of jing-Jang. As always, I analyze all things visual.

While thought leaders, content creators, marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches, preachers, and other speakers of modern wisdom are pushing recycled quotes and paraphrasing, artists speak in a deep, silent manner. The show-work, whether visual, performance, anime, sound… The show-work speaks volumes from the inner senses.
And while you think it’s just a weirdo and individual level, it’s actually a collective sense of the world around, in that unique soul.

Artists perceive the world through their lens. They make marks in human history and culture with much braver acts than all the preachers currently on the stage. It’s this one soul that genuinely speaks about what’s happening in the world.

The collective sense from an artist’s eye eventually informs the future’s path. It’s a tangible yet intelligible, form of reference. Art, not an abstract but a reflection of a lifetime.


It’s believed that to “think outside of the box”, frees creatives to come up with better solutions. Even though I see myself as creative, this doesn’t sit with me.

Creatives, when set in the box are more challenged to employ their thoughtfulness. The bigger the challenge, the greater growth. So “outside of the box” is a free land, unbiased, yes charming but not in any way inferior to the box. Both of them are good depending on the context. It’s the flexibility of the mindset that sets us free. Give me any circumstance and I’ll find the way.

There is no universal formula to this question. We’re different thus we aspire to values and meanings relatable only to us.
With each new client, I gain more interpersonal wisdom. There was no wrong client except my current state of mind that attracted similar. We’re equally responsible for whichever the outcome is, from our partner-clientship. So, no complaints about our own choices. And experiences make us sharper in choosing the most fulfilling once.

If we desire a great client, we should check our choices first.
What we share, we attract. The Law.

It’s a great gift and pleasure to work with varied souls. Tackling into their unique universe, helping to uplift. The purpose. That’s what is making a great client expand.

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