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Creative Thoughts

“Integrity is doing when nobody is watching.” It’s when you’re anonymous that does greater things. You don’t seek public recognition as you feel enough. You’re fulfilled ’cause you see the manifestation of your actions in people’s behavior. It’s a higher degree of human morality and ethics.
There are leaders without the crowns. Heros of mundane lives who bring goods on a daily basis. In each random meet, they add to the bucket of the world’s best, unseen but felt actions.

Breath by breath, I’m reaching the 426.5ft hill, in a quest for a few seconds of winter daylight.
Despite having a reputation as a sun-kissed country… My MonteNegro (Black mountain) also has stormy days with dreadful rainfall. That’s a righteous life.

Being a dedicated walker, I’m restless when it comes to all kinds of weather. So I walk even on the scariest climate moments that you can imagine. It’s in these moments that nature reveals perspectives otherwise hidden from biased thinking. Amidst dim grey clouds and navy blue, the sky opens its chest. And I’ve got instant opportunity to meet with one and only daylight. In these only seconds’ long opening, I hug the scarce winter lights. Climb to the highest point of the hill to be as close as I can to the sky, to the uncensored, nature’s secrets. To the line where the sky kisses the ground.

Then the sky’s chests are closing again. Rain begins to fall by the enormous strength. Drops are heavy… ⛈ My boots are brisking down the path, the wind pushes the umbrella to such an extent… but I’m not giving a damn. DayLight fed my mitochondria.

The rhythm of nature and human beings. Circadian biology.

Most of my writing comes from the daily conversations I have with people. It’s in these conversations when I’m called to express the opinion, share a novelty, or provide advice… that all the stories you see here, are born. And this one comes from a friend of mine popping up a question about time management tip. While I’m not a time management type of person, I still might have a workable tip for you.

A high percentage of people are making to-do lists every day. The list never sees white space. A vicious cycle that leads to burden and chaos. Why? Because we’re overfilling it with all our brain dump. But the list is not a brain-dumping place. It is a place for conscious and strategically chosen, things of priority. And we want to execute mindfully on them. There is a place for brain dumping to select less important from the highest one. While the main to-do is meant to set you for execution. So…

The shorter my list is, the more effective I am. And it must be a simply designed environment, welcoming ambient (physical notebook or online tool, minimal). In a decluttered, peaceful space, my mind is more efficient to actually make a step forward. To take an action. Essentials like these make functionality better equipped.

When we overwhelm our lists the anxiety kicks in and then we freeze, not knowing in which way to take the first action. That’s where the appropriately designed system helps, a minimalistic and not scary endless list.

To make priorities, once a week take a reset, holistic perspective. Ensure a brain dump time. But please, just as you make your bed each morning, make your notebook sight clear. Your mind will thank you in form of thoughtful actions.

Three things max on my list. For the most efficacy. Less puts you in a position of accomplishment and propels encouragement to move forward.

The introspective approach may be intimidating at times when we’re vulnerable and/or stuck. So facing ourselves with questions brings a weight of responsibility to actually do something about it. It’s an empowering method and, the one we all skip most of the time.

To ignite your mind a little bit… The question that I ask myself often: Does this, what I’m intending to do, support my vision? (I never question my values as I wouldn’t cross the strong human ethics) That’s inward. the second question, outward: How this, that I’m intending to do, will make that person feel? I hope these two will envoke a little depth from your doing and inform better decisions.

It’s equally important what to avoid in asking questions and that is…

Don’t ask closed questions that acquire from you to only answer Yes or No. Neither should you ask leading questions that prompt the answer. It’s like an assumption. The better way to answer is by asking yourself (and others) open-ended questions. Those open your freedom to speak. Be more curious, you never know what will show up!

When we’re going to the meeting where we expect opposing views, we still need that thrill to create collective energy. And the calmness in attitude. In a meeting, it’s of utmost importance that people are connected on a shared value level. So, if we disagree in opinion sharing, there is still something we’re tied to. And that is, simply, a human-kind appreciation.

Valuable respect for opposing views and stands. In this, kind manner, we’re empowered to solve the issue, create something bigger together. Or, to take apart, with mutual respect.

Either way, sharing appreciation is what matters. There is no bad aftertaste. It embeds in memory for future reference. Interpersonal communication.

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