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(non-native) EMF our wire-sky, doubled edge sword, a cell organelle theft

How something that is our daily reality, now is detrimental to human health? Why would we, as human reasonable species choose that?

The most wealthy asset we have is our health condition, not Web 3. Pardon all my NFT artisans. I’m a Citizen scientist, 1st and 2nd, I use digital as an inevitable tool. Technology can’t compensate for the lack of good health. It can support many issues but not the root cause. It can measure glucose levels, scan tissues and organs, drive the surgery outcome, etc. But also can have an opposite to beneficial effect. The reason why I – (digital) the Creative am bringing this to the collective’s consciousness… Digital interface is my daily office, but by my lifestyle vocation, I’m a child of the Sun and nature. And managing between two fields became a true challenge.
Let me tell you more about what’s detrimental in an ever-present digital world. No, it’s not a heavy – detrimental – adjective.

Who is stealing my mitochondria?

When we’re surrounded by non-native EMF we get dehydrated. In a dehydrated state, our body isn’t able to absorb Sunlight photons and produce vitamin D. The usual circadian pathway. What disturbs this pathway are emf devices by converting other forms of energy into electrical energy. “Other forms of energy” or our innate human energy, mitochondria, and nature’s energy itself.

Even though cellphones, Bluetooth devices, computers, microwaves, and others alike are in a lower non-ionizing electromagnetic spectrum… Constant exposure to them increases the radiation effect on human DNA and causes damage to our cells. Now we have wifi everywhere! Our cells lose the ability to produce ATP. Without ATP we’re in a low-energy state, no lively living. Mitochondria gets weakened. I wrote about mitochondria here. Our metabolism slows down. Not to mention the mood.

We also know that prohormone D is a role model in our immunity. By staring at screens three hours before bedtime, melatonin lessens its production. Digital devices such as mobile phones, pads, and computers interfere with the sleep cycle and natural circadian biology clock. In pm hours, in nature there is not much light, Sun is about to lie down, and so do we. Instead, the human species continue to use screens, telling their bodies “wake up, I’m turning the artificial light”. It creates confusion and gives wrong information to the hormones. Then melatonin shuts off. Melatonin – the biggest antioxidant. This natural hormone supposed to be released in the pm hours that helps us wind down gets suppressed. If/when we repeat the habit, it becomes chronic. We also know, besides vitamin D, the immense importance of sleep for the metabolism, psyche, and cognitive function.

If we know all this, but cannot delete and recreate the current state… May we become, at least, more educated thus cognizant of the consequences?

ManageAble future

When technology is not used in balance and in the appropriate hours, we compromise our human nature-nurture state. In such a state, no Web 3. AR, VR, games, and imaginative worlds can help.

By reducing our exposure to non-native EMF, despite it being ever-present, we give our cells the opportunity for a longer, better life. Only in alignment with nature, we’re functioning humans to the best of our capabilities. So now, mindfully approach digital tools, and go offline whenever you can. Take the most of your DayLight, infuse grounding, leave the phone, hug the sky. And watch your cells thanking you.

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