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Daylight, a feeding source for our powerhouse, mitochondriašŸŒž

Breath by breath, I’m reaching the 426.5ft hill, in a quest for a few seconds of winter daylight.
Despite having a reputation as a sun-kissed country… My MonteNegro (Black mountain) also has stormy days with dreadful rainfall. That’s a righteous life.

Being a dedicated walker, I’m restless when it comes to all kinds of weather. So I walk even on the scariest climate moments that you can imagine. It’s in these moments that nature reveals perspectives otherwise hidden from biased thinking. Amidst dim grey clouds and navy blue, the sky opens its chest. And Iā€™ve got instant opportunity to meet with one and only daylight. In these only seconds’ long opening, I hug the scarce winter lights. Climb to the highest point of the hill to be as close as I can to the sky, to the uncensored, natureā€™s secrets. To the line where the sky kisses the ground.

Then the sky’s chests are closing again. Rain begins to fall by the enormous strength. Drops are heavy… ā›ˆ My boots are brisking down the path, the wind pushes the umbrella to such an extent… but I’m not giving a damn. DayLight fed my mitochondria.

The rhythm of nature and human beings. Circadian biology.

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