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Jana Radonjić, Creative consultant, Lead with kindness

Creative Consultant, Imaginative soul, Vibrant Mind

Working worldwide, I soak up cultural species to widen my horizons. I sense and observe diverse souls, enriching my creative approach.

This soul-set is my safe place. From here… I guide you in clarifying your vision, chart a path to the desired outcome, and support you every step of the way. Aiming for values and meanings, I go beyond pure functionality and aesthetics.

As your creative consultant, I bring active listening and easy depth of changes. My efficacy shines in constructive feedback while I hold you with trust. These are my fundamentals for lasting relations and work that stands.

If they echo to you, follow me👇🏼


I guide your visions into visual and verbal acts.

Visual reading, Creative direction, Brand strategy

I tune in with your being to discover identity. For the first few meetings, my directions are on hold. You breathe in a creative air, to inspire and open up. To detach from the self-narrative. So we can together, induce the personality crux.

This made-to-measure approach is a proven way to get an authentic brand. One that is cohesive, streamlined, appealing, and functional. After the quest, I’m entering a brand identity process. And our consultancy meetings will bring us closer to your audience.

As a leader with kindness, I favor working with courteous species. By taking a limited number of clients each month to give you my full attention.





You want to create a personal brand and visual + verbal identity for it. You’re doing crafts or you’re an economist, a diverse spectrum of species, welcomed! For you just starting a business, product, or label and need a creative direction and brand strategy. For grown-ups who already run a business and want a brand redesign, novice tagline? And/Or your narrative seeks conceptual editing. All this will enhance your branding. Let me guide you.


If you’re interested in these services, letter me. Let me know what you’d love to work on. If it’s something I can help with, we choose the date to have a 1-on-1 30 min call. If we agree to work together, I’m sending you a project inquiry. Your insights will give us clarity on your end goals and my input. Then we sign a business paper and agree on a start date and schedule.

I take one client at a time. The time I need to understand your vision and make a holistic approach. My practice bases on organizational discipline + structured tasks. To ensure we’re all set for the effective final. Ready?


Let’s get creative

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