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Jana Radonjić, Creative consultant, Lead with kindness

Creative Consultant, Imaginative soul, Vibrant Mind

Working worldwide, I soak up cultural species that widen the horizons. I sense and observe a varied field of identities, enriching my creative approach.

From there… I’m able to help you to clarify your vision, chart a path to the desired outcome, and support every step of the way.  Aiming for values and meanings, I go beyond pure functionality and aesthetics.

With each client, I use deep listening, efficient communication, establish trust. These are the core principles for enduring relations. If they echo with you, let’s talk


I guide your visions into visual and verbal acts.

Creative consultancy

Being an independent creative, helps me to get a deep understanding of your identity. Prior creation, I scratch the surface and meet with your business essence. In my creative approach, I focus on opening your inner self. That’s the only way to create an authentic brand. One that is cohesive, streamlined, but also appealing and functional. As a leader with kindness, I favor working with courteous species. By taking only a limited number of clients each month to give you my full attention.




Unlike visual and verbal assets, consultancy is rather felt than seen. It is mostly shown over time, with effectiveness in the long run. Here are some of the stories behind my consultations.


My services are for everyone who’d love to activate the inner self and develop a (personal) brand. You may be an economist or a craftsman, no boundaries for design thinking! For anyone who is starting their own business or label and needs a creative direction. For those who already run a business and want a brand revival or a dose of inspiration and empowerment. Or for those who enjoy a collaboration fueled with creativity.


If you are interested in working with me, letter me. If it’s something I can help with, we’ll agree a time to have a no-obligation call. When we’re eager to work together, I’m sending you an inquiry. Your insights give us both clarity on what you would like to develop, change, or adjust. With this information, I’m sending a work proposal for you to confirm. And then we are ready to agree on a start date and schedule.


Let’s get creative

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